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Services at Casale's Auto Body & Auto Sales

Casale's Auto Body & Auto Sales of Johnston, RI is here to fix your problems. We have skilled technicians ready to perform any repair services necessary. We're a proud member of the Auto Body Association of Rhode Island!

• Accident damage appraisal: We'll make sure your paperwork is in order and you receive the full benefit of your insurance claim.

• Frame and Uni-body repair: Casale's has invested heavily in frame and body alignment systems to ensure that we are able to perform the most demanding tasks correctly. Many of today's automobiles require that kind of state-of-the-art precision.

• Welding: Modern vehicles require specialized welding equipment to repair the high-strength steels and alloys used in every newer automobile.

• Body repair: When a vehicle has received damage as a result of an accident or collision body work is required to blend panels seamlessly. Our experts ensure that your damage is repaired to our exact standards.

• Painting: We have complete services to repair your vehicle with our modern automotive paint system that involves a base-coat, a clear-coat and our heated spray booth.

• Reconditioning and detailing: We not only buff and glaze your vehicle's paint to bring back that "new car shine" but we also clean the inside. We excel in our attention to detail in both interior and exterior work.

Complete automotive repair services!